Tools: Five Senses

FiveSenses 600See / Visual Impact

Examples: Color See  Color Matters;  See  What Colors Mean in Different Cultures (Infographic);  See  A Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand;  See The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

Feel / Touch / Tactile / Proximity

Examples:  Rough or smooth? How rigid and firm is your business card? What does that communicate to the recipient? What does a new car “feel” like? (Hint: That’s why the salesperson wants to get you behind the wheel – so your fingertips – one of the most sensitive receptors in our body – can caress the little ridges on the steering wheel…)

Hold a PuppyIn the days of shopping mall pet stores, salespeople were taught the following trick: When you see a Customer make eye contact with a little puppy behind the glass display case, don’t say a word! Immediately go pick up the puppy, bring it out to the Customer – and carefully hand the puppy to the Customer so the Customer’s hand caresses the puppy’s little chest – so  the Customer feels that little beating heart. Sale made!

Hear / Auditoryear

Example: Ever heard of “elevator music”? Background music in your favorite grocery store? Or “on hold”?  What do you think brings the emotional impact to movies and TV programs? If you took away the music track, all you’d have is people talking – boring!


Example:  Go to one of the “big box” retailers one weekend – you will have a free lunch, courtesy of all those “sampler” people. Guess why they want you to put their product into your mouth and taste it? Sale made!

NoseSmell / Olfactory

Examples:  Our most emotionally powerful and visceral sense – the one most directly linked to vivid memories! What does a newborn baby smell like? A backyard barbecue? A warm, friendly fireplace? That new car (you know, they now sell “new car smell” in spray cans!)

Think how you might use each of the five senses in your brainstorming or design session. You will see, feel, hear, taste, and smell the results!
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