Case Studies

The evidence, they say, is in the results of real-world projects. Consider these, for example…

A rapidly growing school district was tasked with the design and construction of a new High School – the first one in the district. This project came shortly after an election and over half of the Governing Board were brand new on the job with almost no experience on the job – and none had any experience in the design and building of new academic facilities.

At our first project meeting, I introduced the Board to Edward DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats approach to planning. With that framework, they were able to effectively address the multiple issues of the project in an organized and systematic way.

They interviewed and hired an architect, selected a location and acquired the land, approved the design and blueprints and oversaw construction.

The finished project was immediately hailed as a statewide design model for other Districts to emulate. The school has been a resounding success for over a decade.

Just one example of the forward thinking they used: They did not design nor pour concrete for sidewalks that connect various buildings for the first year. They waited to see what natural traffic patterns developed, then installed permanent sidewalks to fit organic traffic flow.