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Hello from sunny Sarasota, Florida!

I have been involved with Business and Personal Creativity since about 1985, giving workshops, presentations, and helping individuals and companies break out of their “box” and achieve unexpected results. In today’s competitive environment, our creativity, insights, and personal innovation are just about the only significant tools we have to set ourselves apart from the herd and to engage a loyal, dedicated following. Creativity Matters!

Creativity Topics we support
  • Creative Problem Solving – how to break out of a rut
  • New product / services creation – use the “Jobs To Be Done” approach to understand what Customers really want; use the Lean Startup method to test assumptions and validate Customer learning as early and inexpensively as possible
  • Create an “unfair” competitive advantage  – Use the Kano Model to emphasize features and benefits that delight Customers; use the “Blue Ocean” strategic approach to “hit ’em where they ain’t”
  • Use the Lean Startup approach and create a Business Model Canvas to launch any new venture. Listen to our SCORE Podcast here.
Support / Facilitating Topics
  • Customer Experience Management – design, implement, and sustain a consistently remarkable Customer experience. Move past “commodity / price” to Customer Loyalty and Insistence      Visit our companion site Florida Customer Service Institute
  • Team Technologies – how to create and sustain high performing teams
  • Business Process Management – map your work to ensure a consistently high level of performance
Culture and Internal Environment
  • Six Thinking Hats and Six Action Shoes – organize your creative meetings to cover both logical and emotional issues and cover all the bases
  • Communication Planning – consider Who needs to know, What they need to know, When they need to know it, How to tell them, and Who is responsible
Richard Randolph

Richard Randolph

In the news!

Why Business Plans Come In Two Flavors – Article in the Herald-Tribune by Dennis Zink

Listen to our new Podcast on The Business Model Canvas for SCORE published on iTunes by Been There Done That by Dennis Zink

We look forward to working with you to accelerate your business!

Richard Randolph
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